Women Lawyers from various States in India came together and voiced their intention and interest to start an organization of women lawyers of the country. A group of these lawyers met at New Delhi in March 2007 and agreed to form an organization for the benefit of women lawyers and named it "All India Federation Of Women Lawyers" (i.e. “AIFWL”). They formed an Executive Body which elected a Committee, who drafted the Bye-laws of AIFWL and the same were thereafter finalized by the Executive Body. All India Federation Of Women Lawyers thus came into being and was registered formally as an Association under the Society's Registration Act, with its registered office at Bangalore.

After the formal establishment of AIFWL, the Executive Committee decided to organize Asia Women Lawyers Conference at Bangalore. A very successful two day conference was hosted at Bangalore on 22nd and 23rd September 2007, which attracted more than 500 women lawyers from all over ASIA. The conference was a huge success with the significant presence of Women Lawyers from Africa, America and Europe. Judges, eminent jurists, legal luminaries, scholars and political leaders addressed the Conference.

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  1. To uphold The Constitution of India and work for the preservation of the Rule of Law.
  2. To uphold the independence of judiciary and to ensure greater efficiency in the administration of justice.
  3. To promote the rights and welfare of women and children particularly through legislation and help them in the exercise of their rights.
  4. To support, protect and uphold the status, interest, prestige, rights and privileges and dignity of women lawyers.
  5. To promote studies in the science of jurisprudence and of comparative laws.
  6. To further the dissemination of knowledge of various countries and in particular laws relating to women and children.
  7. To study and express opinion upon all central and state legislations and in particular, those concerning or affecting the rights, privileges and interest of women and children.
  8. strive to make access to justice less expensive..

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FIDA is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), Organized in 1944 at Mexico City, the group was originally known officially by its Spanish name, Federacion Internacionl de Abogadas. Its mission is to promote the welfare of women and children and the principle and aims of the United Nations in their legal and social aspects.

FIDA obtained UN Consultative status in 1954, FIDA consists of individual members and affiliate organizations. Individual members must be women admitted to the practice of law in their respective countries. Affiliate organizations have been established in 73 countries in all five continents of the world. FIDA holds national, regional and international conferences and a biennial congress held in the country of the current President. Presidency is rotated around the five continents of the world.

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